Doppio Slavo

From the passion for cycling and running to the desire to bring new trends to any sport. Since 2015, this company based in Cuenca, takes your sports socks and accessories to another level. Doppio Slavo was created in the city of Cuenca with the aim of bringing innovation and design to sports accessories such as socks, tubulars, sleeves for cyclists and "runners", providing a design different from the traditional "black and white".

The socks are made with the highest quality fibers, all made in Spain. Its greatest attribute and insignia is “made in Spain” to guarantee product quality and promote the purchase of 100% Spanish products. The fibers are made with the latest generation weavers. What is achieved with the interlacing of so many threads is a lightweight, breathable and extremely resistant material, ideal for physical exercise at any level.

Doppio Slavo is committed to the quality and reliability of its products, which is why its garments are used by athletes of high competitive level and a high physical and mental demand.

In addition, the brand promotes work in the area with the production of its garments and its distribution from Cuenca to more than 175 stores in 8 countries, among which Belgium, Chile, Germany and the United Kingdom stand out. Thanks to this global marketing, Doppio Slavo is a business benchmark in Castilla la Mancha with Cuenca as its core.