How much does it cost you to make us a design?

Its cost is € 29,95, but the design process is included in the order price from fifteen pairs. To facilitate everything, it is preferable that we start with an idea, a design or even a sketch that you have already made. Send us your vectorized logos, or in JPG with the best possible resolution.

Once we can start the process, our designers will try to capture your idea in a digital test that you will be able to see, before it is manufactured.

What is the minimum order for custom items?

You can order from 1 unit of any item.

What is the delivery time in the Europe?

The delivery time for the products in the collection is 7 days as long as they are in stock. For customization it is 7 to 10 business days once the design is confirmed.

How do I pay for my personalized items?

You must pay the order by bank transfer before starting production.

Can I modify the design once confirmed?

Unfortunately, once confirmed, the design goes into production and it is impossible to make changes.